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The Upper Ranch continues as a working ranch with our cow/calf pairs grazing both the abundant home pastures and our Crown Range Unit located to the north and east of the Spillimacheen River.


 We have an Environmental Farm Plan in place and implement “Best Management Practices” identified under the farm plan. We believe environmentally sustainable practices will maintain and continue to improve this ranch business, lands, and local ecology.

Beef from our herd of mixed breed cattle embodies superior taste and quality as well the documented nutritional benefits of grass fed beef. Whether you choose a New York Strip from an eighteen month old heifer, burger or sausage from an older animal you will be delighted by the depth of flavour. Our beef contains only green grass, sparkling water and golden sunshine. 

Beef sales are available through out the year. Please contact us for sales information on sides and quarters.

Northern Alphonso 15A
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