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Tegart Honey

100% Pure Ambrosia



Naturally, delicious

Naturally, better for you

Naturally, better for our world

Honey, hive products, and live bee sales are an integral part of our farm business.

Tegart honey is produced by bees kept in apiaries along the Columbia Wetlands north of Radium Hot Springs. The bee’s main floral sources are birch, fruit tree blossom, berry blossoms and dandelions during the spring; wild flowers, garden flowers, alfalfa and clover during the summer. Tegart honey is 100% pure and unpasteurized nectar of the gods. Honey, honey comb and wax products will be available in local retail outlets and farm gate for the 2022 season.

We supply nucs and queens for sale starting in June. We raise our own queens to take advantage of locally adapted stock. Nucs will be ready to go near the end of July. These bees would then be overwintered ensuring a strong colony for honey production the following spring.


The 2022 honey harvest is now available.

Please contact us for pricing and orders.



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